Workshops with adults

Balance your mind

The mandala provides a refocus, a return to peace, a new balance. It balances our ‘mind’, a connection between the hemispheres of the brain. This can cause a spontaneous restructuring of the inner being. The state of relaxation gives an enormous flow of energy so that blockages are lifted, allowing the creative energy that resides in every person to reveal itself in all its power.

I am grateful for the openness, bravery and curiosity of all the lovely people who have enjoyed participating in my painting workshops. You have amazed, touched and enriched me with many beautiful insights. Thank you all!


Art of Nature

Working with natural elements has a deep healing effect. Every twig, seed or petal is chosen with care and is given a unique place in the mandala. By applying rhythm and structure in the proces we create geometry. People experience a strong sense of oneness making these magic mandalas.

a strong sense of oneness is felt with all things