About Cella

Cella means “sanctuary” in Latin. It is the room in ancient Roman and Greek temples where the most valuable things were kept. Everyone has a “cella,” a place deep inside where your real ME lives. The place where, in addition to your love and all knowledge, your creativity is hidden.

portrait Marcella

In 1999 I created my first mandala. I discovered that within the circle there were infinite possibilities. A new world opened up for me. A place where I felt completely at home. In the mandala I visited the hidden places of my inner world. I was confronted with my fear, sadness and vulnerability. And I found love, compassion and freedom.

As a child I could completely lose myself in my activities and surroundings. Amazed by nature, eager to learn and always creating. Time did not exist. I experienced it as a circle without beginning or end. A minute sometimes felt like an hour and a day could last an eternity. In fact, nothing has changed for me regarding that…. 😉

I find happiness in the beauty of nature and my connection with people. That’s where the inspiration for my mandalas comes from. Besides creating by myself I also love to create together, by organizing workshops for adults and children.

I am the spark that inspires people to connect with their hearts,
to recognize their talent and find healing in the mandala.

Marcella van Bruggen