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Organizing a workshop, retreat or other event? It can become even more interesting if you add a creative workshop from Cella Art to your program. Let the participants work with the theme of your event in an expressive way through painting, mandala drawing or handicrafts.

A creative workshop can positively support your event in the following ways:

– it provides a deep focus on the theme
– it reinforces the connection between the participants
– it stimulates the creative thinking ability
– it ensures a dynamic relaxation
– it positively influences self-confidence

Cella Art | Tailor made

Cella Art makes creative workshops that are completely adapted to the theme of your event. Whether it’s a yoga retreat, a business event or a health weekend for example. We can provide a creative workshop of two hours, half a day to a full day program, including all necessary materials.

Are you interested in a business experience with Cella Art? Please inquire here about the possibilities. I would be happy to make an offer for a program that meets your wishes.

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Business Retreat at Boulède | Family Constellations

Tecum principium in Virtutis tue
“You are the source of your strength”

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Workshop at Villa Lafage | Art of Nature

A strong sense of oneness is felt with all things…