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Everything is created from Nothing

It all starts with a sparkle, an idea, a first step.
Even if the objective seems complicated.
What you need is time, patience and perseverance.
This is how even the universe was created.


Cella Art | What is a mandala?

Mandala means “circle” or “center” in Sanskrit, an ancient language of the Indian subcontinent. It is a drawing, a map, a geometric pattern made in a circle. It’s origine is in Tibet, where Buddhist monks create mandalas with colored sand as a means of meditation.

After the mandala is completed, the monks hold a ceremony and collect the sand in an urn. It is brought to a holy river and is poured into the water. When the sand flows into the water, a vortex is created. This symbolizes the perpetuation of the mandala and the circle is complete.

Inspired by a different form of mandala creation called Zendala. I designed these artworks representing The Soul.
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Connecting with sacred scenes through meditation inspired me to create a mandala for each one of them.
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Cella Art | mandala | Sacred Mountains | Machu Picchu | detail B

With Cella Art I want to invite people to connect with their inner source. The place deep within where an infinite power lies waiting to be discovered. Everyone who comes into contact with his inner source contributes to the growth of the field of love that encompasses and connects everything.

portrait Marcella


In 1999 I created my first mandala. I discovered that within the circle there are infinite possibilities.
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I find happiness in the beauty of nature and my connection with people. That’s where the inspiration for my mandalas comes from.
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Besides creating myself, I also love to create together. By organizing workshops for children and adults.
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